Singapore Transit is a powerful app that features live bus arrivals at all stops in Singapore, traffic alerts, traffic cameras, car park availability, MRT & LRT service status, Siri integration and rich notifications for traffic and MRT related incidents. Singapore Transit is available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Release Notes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Singapore Transit?

Singapore Transit is an app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch that uses data from the Land Transport Authority to provide you with live bus arrival estimates, traffic alerts, the latest images from traffic cameras, car park availability, MRT & LRT service status, Siri integration, and rich notifications.

Why are the bus arrival estimates not always accurate?

Singapore Transit refreshes bus arrival estimates every 30 seconds, or when the user requests an update. Those estimates are obtained from the Land Transport Authority and then converted to user friendly estimates (e.g. 2 mins). As such, if there is an inaccuracy, it is due to the data being provided to the app.

What are rich notifications?

Singapore Transit supports rich notifications for MRT & LRT service alerts and traffic alerts. When a notification is received, tap and hold that notification to see additional content.

  • MRT & LRT notifications: a full description of the incident.
  • Traffic notifications: a full description and a map that shows the location of the incident.

Latest Releases

2.4 — 18 Feb 2020

  • The Apple Watch app can now run without the iPhone application being installed.
    • As a result, favourites, for the moment, do not sync between iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • The database has been updated with 1 new stop and 4 new routes.
  • Multiple background fixes related to the database.

2.3.5 — 12 Feb 2020

  • Resolves a crash when, in certain scenarios, data isn’t returned by the LTA API.

2.3.4 — 6 Feb 2020

  • Corrected the header text above the MRT map section.
  • The 2020 very bendy MRT map has been added.

2.3.3 — 29 Jan 2020

  • Thomson-East Coast Line support is now active.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the MRT/LRT status view and you can now view the MRT map.
  • Updated database — 16 new bus stops, 3 additional routes.