The personal blog of Stuart Breckenridge

New Website

I’ve been on Wordpress, SquareSpace, Tumblr, and Ghost. All of them were good in their own way, but didn’t give me the level of control I wanted. So I’m giving Jekyll a try.

Content from my old website is still in the process of being transferred1. You’ll may also see some broken links for a while as Amazon’s Route53 has really screwed up the DNS records for my old domain.

A bit of background on the design:

  • The theme is Minimal Mistakes.
  • Typography is provided by Cloud.Typography. Currently a combination of Whitney and Ideal Sans, though I’ve been known to chop and change.
  • Hosted on Amazon S3 and distributed via Cloudfront as the CDN.
  • RSS is provided by FeedPress.
  1. I’ve had to export from SquareSpace to Wordpress, and then Wordpress to Jekyll. ↩︎