👋 Hello! My name is Stuart. I occasionally make apps for iOS and macOS.

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Apple Arcade Icon in the Dock

On the display Macs in Apple’s retail stores Apple Arcade has its own icon in the Dock. Having searched high-and-low in Catalina for an Apple Arcade icns file, I concluded that it doesn’t exist…so I created one.

SwiftUI Dev Diary #1

This year I’ve set myself the goal of releasing an app that uses SwiftUI, scales across all Apple platforms, and uses Swift on the Server (Vapor). I am aware that if SwiftUI v1 is anything like Swift v1, I will...

The Collatz Conjecture: Revisited

I was digging through some of the posts on my old site and I came across the The Collatz Conjecture. I wrote it around four years ago, during the Swift 2.2 days. I thought I’d try making it a bit...